bespoke doors

A couple facts about our bespoke doors

Many people don’t really give the doors in their home much thought. They’re mostly taken for granted as the means of passage between rooms or from indoors to the outside. But the truth is, a good door can really make a difference.

At MTM Herman Joinery, we offer some of the best bespoke doors in the UK. With bespoke doors, you can make sure that every door in your home is not only of the right size, but also looks exactly the way you want it to. We use only the most reliable materials and thanks to the level of expertise our craftsmen possess, you can be sure the doors we make for you will work perfectly.

great bi-fold doors

Bif Fold Doors

Bi-folding doors can be folded in or out, which opens up one room to the other. This can be used for smaller spaces like laundry rooms, wardrobes, etc. to provide easy access to those places where a regular door could prove cumbersome. But they can also be used for exterior purposes. A bi-folding door between a living room and a garden, for example, can blur the line between the indoors and outdoors, providing you with light, fresh air, and all the advantages of the outside as you relax in your comfy living room couch. Regardless of whether you go for the interior or exterior options, bi-folding doors are extremely versatile as they take up very little space and can be used in any house.

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fine doors

French Doors

Tall, broad, made from the finest wood, the way French doors open can give any place that refined touch you’ve been missing. Add to that the large area of glass that they can be outfitted with, and you can give your living room a fantastic view and plenty of natural light. With our French doors, you’ll be letting the outdoors in. French doors are a fine finish to any elegant and classy interior, as well as an exquisite welcoming accent to the house exterior. Our French doors are of supreme quality, made from the finest timber, finished using the best glassing system.

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ideal front doors

Front Doors

Front doors serve as the most basic security measure for your property, but that’s not all – they are also the first indication of the style of your home. At MTM Herman, we have a wide selection of front doors at your disposal, so that you can make it match the style of your home perfectly. From grand and imposing entrance doors fit for a mansion, to wide opening sliding doors that flood your room with light, we promise you that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Additionally, we offer refurbishment of your original doors so that they fit more accurately to your renovated property. Give us a call to order services tailored to your needs. Our amicable staff will answer all your questions.

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If you have any questions regarding joinery – whether it’s something you need in your home, or if you just want to learn more details about our line of work – contact us now! We can give you all the details you need, as well as a free quotation if you decide that our services are what you’re looking for!