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Sash windows have been around in the UK for quite some time, but there is a reason why this type of window has remained a mainstay in British homes for so long. Tried and true, sash windows are versatile and practical, fitting into any type of home. And we provide the best of those.

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At MTM Herman we specialise in providing the customers with the solutions they desire and which serve their needs best. Whether you live in a modern flat, or a classic, Victorian residence, we will provide you with just the sash windows you need. Our experienced team will provide you with professional advice and select from the wide array of techniques that they use to fulfil every individual order to the best of our abilities.

We provide services both in South West London and other parts of the city. We are constantly looking for new challenges!

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Choose from a variety of styles

With our sash windows, you can preserve the style of your home, whatever it may be - Classic, Victorian or Georgian. Thanks to movable glass panels and a fitted wooden frame of the windows, any house may look like a traditional pub or even a building from the 17th century, such as the Ham House. Naturally, through properly adjusted elements and the use of different types of wood, sash windows may be installed in modern houses as well.

Sash windows come in a variety of types, divided into four broad categories:

  • Gregorian – modern sash windows owe the classic six pane sash configuration to it, but its most distinct feature was a single hung sash, replaced with double hung sashes in later periods
  • Victorian – with technological advancements comes innovation, so sash windows of the Victorian era introduced larger panes of plate glass, resulting in four-pane, or even single-pane windows
  • Edwardian – as the Victorian model became more and more refine, the bottom sash retained the single-pane element, as that allowed for more sunlight to enter the household
  • Modern – not much may have changed at first glance, but modern sash windows utilise double glazing to make the windows even more efficient. Though many years have passed, sash windows remain as popular as ever!

Take a look at the pictures presented and see how sash windows may be applied to both modern and classic-style houses. Now, imagine the panes modified in any way you wish and send us your request. You can also visit us in our office in Clapham, where you will be met with professional customer service and advice.

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