Acoustic glass is a professional technology designed and developed exclusively to combat level of unwanted noise.  Noise pollution is a very serious and harmful concern especially in urban areas. 
Acoustic glass can notably reduce outside noise, especially if you leave in the proximity of motorways, main roads or airports and train stations.  Double glazing window provides the highest level of protection not only against noise but also from rain impact noise. Acoustic laminated glass benefits from all safety and security properties of standard laminated glass. It is an optimal solution if you want to enjoy your life at home peacefully and quietly.
How does it work?
Noise pollution is one of the acutest problems of modern world.  A safe and comfortable sound exposure level is around 35dB in daytime and 30dB at night. Acoustically isolating glass simply cuts the excess sound out so that the dangerous effects of noise pollution are neutralized and harmless. 



Thermal insulating glass is the best choice if you are looking for an excellent energy saving performance and equally impressive cost efficient solution.  This kind of glass is also known as low-emissivity of low E-glass.  There are two kinds of low E –glass: Hard Coat and Soft Coat. We are using the last one as it gives the following benefits over hard coat – it has better light transmission, better U-Values and much more enhanced clarity/neutrality.
 Thermal insulation is designed to form the inner pane of an Insulating Glass Unit (IGU).  How does it work?   Statistics don’t lie. 26% of all domestic heat loss is a result of heat escaping through windows.  Our technologically advanced glass has a non-opaque metallic coating.  Its main task is to reflect heat from radiators or fires back to the room so the heat won’t be able to escape through the windows.  MTM Herman Thermal Insulation windows are working both ways – they are not preventing heat from escaping through the windows but also they let the sunlight in, which increases the temperature in the room significantly warming your home and contributing even further to your windows’ energy efficiency.


Except offering you technologically advance windows that reduce noise pollution and heat loss we are offering you warm edge spacer bars and Argons gas in order to increase the energy rating to achieve an ‘A’ – rated sealed unit.

Window Energy Rating (WER)
The WER is said to be the most objective method providing rational data on the total energy performance of windows.  To identify the energy rating multiple criteria are used: frame material (PVC, aluminium or timber), kind of glass used, general air leakage and solar gain. 

The other important indicator of how well the window is performing is BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) rating system. It focuses on a window’s thermal efficiency. It is displayed on a colour-coded label with a scale from A standing for the most efficient to G. That makes is very easy for you to decide which window is the best buy. 

Selecting the best glass is not the only thing you can do in order to achieve the highest standards of heal efficiency. Space bars conduct less heat at the edge of the glass and have numerous benefits, like: they are reducing g heat loss thorough the windows, a condensation on windows can be reduced, better sound insulation. 

Argon glass
We can fill the gap between the panes with Argon Gas with will noticeably increase the thermal performance.  Filling this space with a gas that is insignificantly conductive and slow moving minimises the convection currents within the space.

Double Glazed Units

Insulated Glass Unit construction With Air With Argon
4 / 16 / 4 Clear & Clear Glass 2.7 U-value 2.5 U-value
4 / 16 / 4 Clear Glass with Pilkington 'K' (Hard coat Low-E). 1.7 U-value 1.5 U-value
4 / 16 / 4 Clear Glass with Planitherm Total + (Soft coat Low-E). 1.4 U-value 1.2 U-value
4 / 16 / 4 Clear Glass with Planitherm 4S (Low E & Solar Control). 1.2 U-value 1.0 U-value
Reducing the U-value can help you to reduce your fuel bills.

Low Iron Glass

If you reduce the amount of iron in the external pane of glass, you will notice an impressive improvement of the solar gain of the window. KJM’s ‘A’- rated windows have low iron glass as a standard. 

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